Episode 10


Aslı freaks out when Mehmet closes the doors on her and runs away unseen. While Alanur and Mehmet search for Aslı, Mina learns that Hatice has been informing on Alanur and the power she wields turns all the rules in the house upside down. Ziya is sure that Seher had a hand in Aslı's escape from home. Living with secrets is too much for Ziya and he tells Mehmet that he will tell him everything. Mehmet sees the videos of Aslı having fun with her friends and goes to Aslı in a rage. The fight that lasts all night is a turning point for them. Now they have serious decisions to make...

Seher tries to convince Ziya not to talk to Mehmet, but Ziya has made up his mind. What Seher has to do is to reveal his dark side. As Aslı explains her decision about the baby to Alanur, Ziya is about to tell Mehmet the whole truth. But in that moment, everyone's life changes.

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