Episode 23


Osman Bey, who marries Bala Hatun and receives the support of Şeyh Edebalı, starts a war and takes action with the Alps, targeting Alişar Bey, the representative of the Mongols at the frontier, and Dündar Bey, who has an alliance with him. Osman Bey captures Alişar, Dündar and Bahadır and brings them to the Kayı Tribe. How will Osman Bey plan against the Mongols? What will be the fate of Alişar, Dündar, and Bahadır? How will Osman Bey's marriage to Bala Hatun be received in the Kayı Tribe? What will Zöhre and Aygül do in response to Osman's move? How will Geyhatu and the Mongols respond to the capture of the frontier Bey Alişar?

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