Episode 21


Osman Bey, who was caught by Aygül's betrayal, is fighting for survival in the hands of the Mongols in this episode. Balgay, who says "You broke the loyalty promise you gave me, Osman" while hanging Osman Bey, secretly plans with his son Bahadır to reclaim the Beylik while trapping Dündar, Gündüz, and Bamsı Beys. How will Osman Bey escape from the Mongols? What will be the fate of Gündüz and Bamsı Beys, who fell into Dündar's trap? Will Bamsı Bey survive being shot by Burçin, the fiancée of his martyred son? Will Dündar succeed in overthrowing the Beylik and taking power in the Kayı Tribe? Will Bala Hatun, who returned to her father's house, forgive Osman Bey? Will Aygül marry Alişar after taking an oath of revenge? Will Kongar help Osman Bey?

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