Episode 15


Upon learning that his brother Gunduz has been captured by Balgay, Osman Bey, together with his Alps, traps Balgay and the Mongol forces. While Dundar Bey is going through tough times in the village because of the concessions he made to the Mongols, Osman Bey takes Samsa Cavus with him and makes a move against the Mongols and Balgay. Can Osman Bey, who trapped Balgay, take revenge of the Kayis from the Mongols? What will be the fate of Balgay, who fell into the trap? Will Osman Bey be able to rescue his brother Gunduz, who was tortured by Balgay? Will Bala Hatun recover? How will Osman Bey hold Dundar Bey accountable? How will the reunion of Samsa Cavus and Osman Bey change the balance? How will Osman Bey, who has captured Sofia, play his game?

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