Episode 14


Osman Bey comes to the Kayi village to reclaim the trust of Genghis Khan, but here he faces Batur's betrayal. Osman Bey, who can be stopped by arrows, realizes the trap he fell into when he saw Dundar, and later Balgay, leaving the Ertugrul tent. Osman Bey, surrounded by Balgay's soldiers, confronts Balgay with a sword in front of the eyes of the Kayi people. Will Osman be able to escape this situation he's in? How will he respond to the betrayal of Dundar and Batur? What will be the fate of Bala Hatun, who was injured by falling into the Mongols' trap? How will Samsa Cavus, who declared Osman Bey an enemy, take action against the Mongols? Can Balgay, who obtained the trust of Genghis Khan, reach his dream of rulership? What will Dundar, who handed Osman Bey over to Balgay, do now?

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