Episode 13


Osman Bey, driven out of the Kayi village, goes to Samsa Cavus's village but a fight with Samsa Cavus causes the strings to snap. Balgay, who obtained the trust of Genghis Khan, gains great power while Dundar, who became the standard-bearer from Balgay, plans new moves against Osman Bey. Osman Bey, looking for a way to reclaim Genghis Khan's trust, is shaken by Samsa Cavus declaring him an enemy. Balgay also sets his sights on Bala Hatun, whom he sees as Osman Bey's weak point. Who is Osman Bey's mysterious visitor? Will Samsa Cavus, who declares Osman Bey an enemy and enters the leadership struggle, betray? Will Osman Bey forgive Samsa Cavus's challenge? How will Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi, the loyalists of the Kayi village and Ertugrul Gazi, who have grown cold towards Osman Bey, proceed? Can Osman Bey, who reveals his intention of becoming a Bey, escape the trap set for him? What will be the fate of Bala Hatun, who is stabbed?

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