Episode 11


The Mongols invade and conquer Sogut, the Kayi village and other Turkish villages in the region, killing and leaving nothing behind. They also take the Beys and the people as prisoners. The Mongol invasion brings the Turks to the brink of extinction, and only Osman Bey is left standing against Balgay. Balgay, the Mongol commander, wants to prevent the formation of a new Turkish state by destroying the Kayis who are thriving in the remote parts of Anatolia, and by capturing the lands of the infidels in the Bitinya region and setting his sights on Constantinople. He offers Osman Bey to be his standard-bearer, but Osman refuses and escapes. He rises up and says "either martyrdom or freedom". Balgay, who uses Alişar as a tool, discards him and makes Sofia swear allegiance. He wants to exhaust all the freedom hopes of the Turks by hitting the Kayi village with all his wrath and taking Dundar, Gunduz and Osman's families as prisoners, and subjecting them to unimaginable torment. Osman Bey, who becomes the only hope of the Turks, will he be able to stop Balgay's oppression? How will Osman, alone, devise a strategy and follow a path? How will Sheikh Ebebali inspire the Turks and Osman Bey who are on the brink of extinction? What will be the new games of the ruthless Balgay who will try every means to eliminate Osman?

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