Episode 10


Gunduz is severely injured and at the Kayi village after being ambushed by Alişar's men. Osman begins to take action to capture those who attacked his older brother, but Sheikh Edebali rejects Alişar's request for Bala. Yannis, disguised as Munir Abdul, manipulates Alişar Bey and incites him against Osman and Sheikh Edebali with the help of Sofia. When Alişar Bey goes to the Kayi village, he challenges Dundar Bey and demands the return of the stolen gold. Dundar Bey, who senses the Mongol threat and sees the future of the Kayis in danger, wants the village to be on guard. Osman, meanwhile, has a different plan. Upon learning that the Mongols have come to Sogut, what will Osman do? Will Gunduz survive? What will be Alişar Bey's new move as he seeks an alliance with Yannis and Sofia?

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