Episode 5

As Alparslan successfully rescues his foster brother Hasan from the hands of the infidels, it is met with joy among the Seljuks. However, Yannis' fate, thanks to Alparslan, further intensifies the internal tension in Vaspurakan. Upon learning of the assassination attempt on his sister Şehver and nephew Mesud in Büst, Alparslan goes there to thoroughly investigate the incident. Upon his return to the tribe, he learns that unexpected events have unfolded due to Kekavmenos' move, and a council has been gathered as a result. The events between Alparslan and Akça take their bond to a different level. Meanwhile, Kekavmenos gives an order that corners Akça. The escalating tension between Alparslan and Kekavmenos reaches a critical point. What will be the outcome of this heightened conflict?

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