Episode 31

Alparslan, who escaped from the false accusation, went to Ani upon Grigor's invitation and was astonished by Alpagut's situation on the execution platform. What will Alparslan do in the face of Alpagut's execution? How will Akınay react to Alpagut's execution? Was Grigor's invitation only for Alpagut, or does he have another plan in mind? What will happen at the wedding of Seferiye, eagerly awaited by Arslan Yusuf? What consequences will the realization of this marriage, which Yınal never approved of, bring? Will the people of Buhara oppose this marriage? Gevher's slap to Zeren has intensified the animosity between Gevher, Seferiye, and Zeren, increasing their anger towards the Seljuks. Who was behind the midnight attack in Gevher's room, where someone tried to harm her? Was it Seferiye, who wanted to break the marriage contract, or Zeren, seeking revenge for her father from the Seljuks? Will Gevher be able to escape from this attack witnessed by Öke? Grigor and Alexander, who have largely lost the trust of the merchants, what will be their new move against the Seljuks? When Grigor asks Alparslan to sell him the famous Turkic horses to further strengthen his army, what will Alparslan's response be? Yınal and Öke strongly oppose the marriage between Erbasgan and Gevher. In this situation, what will Gevher and Erbasgan do? Will they risk confronting Yınal and Öke to marry each other?

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