Episode 30

Alparslan, while returning from Surmari Khan, encountered Seferiye on the road and warned her not to wander outside Vaspurakan without informing anyone. However, Seferiye resisted Alparslan and when he insisted, she attempted to stab him with a dagger. Seferiye hoped that this incident would make Alparslan abandon the marriage. Will Seferiye's plan succeed? Will Alparslan give up on marriage after this incident? How will those who witnessed or heard about this incident perceive their marriage? What will be Arslan Yusuf's reaction, who strongly desires this marriage and how will he treat Seferiye? Will Yınal, who had his steel confiscated by Alparslan from the caravan he was carrying, be able to find out who exposed his plot? Will Alparslan take retaliatory action for what Yınal did? How will he deliver the promised steel to Grigor? Will Grigor's efforts to find steel come to an end, or will he find a different way to handle his trade? Will Alparslan be able to respond to the challenge of obtaining the fabrics from Surmari with all his cunning? How will the merchants, whose losses Alexander refused to compensate, respond to the offer made by Alparslan and Nizamülmülk? What else will Alparslan do to expand trade and win over the merchants in Vaspurakan?

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