Episode 24

kça finally revealed the long-held secret to Alparslan, and Nizamülmülk witnessed their conversation. How will Alparslan react to this revelation? Did Nizamülmülk hear Akça's words? Will Akça disclose the truth to her father? After being held in the Vaspurakan dungeon, Alparslan had wounds on his neck that caused concern among him and those around him. What caused these wounds? Sultan Tuğrul was stabbed by a Byzantine assassin who hid near his mother's grave. What is Tuğrul's condition? When news of Tuğrul's survival reaches Vaspurakan, how will the people there react? Under the leadership of Biruni, the Seljuks have constructed trebuchets and are preparing to besiege Vaspurakan. What countermove will Vaspurakan make in response to Seljuk's attempts to conquer it? Dukas, who was presumed dead, has returned to Vaspurakan and entered the fortress amid the astonished gazes of those present. What will Rati and Ivan do when they see the living Dukas before them? Can Kekavmenos turn Dukas' return into an opportunity? What punishment awaits Diyojen, who is being held captive by Dukas?

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