Episode 18

After entering Büst through a plot and taking Bozan's life to seize the throne, Alparslan has no more obstacles between him and Vaspurakan. What will Alparslan do for his goals in Vaspurakan? By delivering a sermon and minting coins in the name of Çağrı Bey in Büst, will Alparslan confront Yınal? Will Yınal express his discomfort about this situation to Sultan Tuğrul? How will Alparslan be received in the tribe after avenging his sister by killing Bozan, whom the Karmatians called the "great natık"? Will Akça's secret bring healing to Nizamülmülk, who was seriously injured during the Karmatian attack? Will Karaca tell Süleyman that Şehver died due to her own mistake? How will Süleyman react upon learning this? As the newly appointed governor of Vaspurakan, Dukas implements new rules that force Kekavmenos and Diogenes to resort to different paths, while Alparslan devises new plans for the conquest of Vaspurakan. With Byzantium's alliance with Bozan, what measures will they take to protect themselves from the Seljuks after Bozan's death? Will they wait for Seljuks' attack or do they have other plans?

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