Episode 16

Upon receiving the news of the death of Sultan Mevdud, Çağrı and Alparslan quickly headed to Büst to ensure the safety of Şehver and Mesud. When they encounter Şehver's coldness and her alignment with Bozan, how will Çağrı and Alparslan react? Will Alparslan, believing that Şehver's words are spoken out of threat, be able to rescue his sister from this situation? After killing Sultan Mevdud and gaining control over Büst, will Bozan establish his own state? When Karaca learns the true face of her brother Bozan, which side will she take? Will Süleyman continue his collaboration with Alparslan? Şehver, who is held captive with her son Mesud by Bozan, will seek ways to secure their freedom. What decisions will Dukas, the new governor of Vaspurakan, make? In response to these decisions, what will Kekavmenos and Diogenes do?

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