Episode 14

Alparslan had found the house where the innocent people were being held, accused of killing oppressed individuals. He managed to capture Emir Bozan in the house where the innocents were kept and held his sword to Bozan's neck. Has Bozan's end finally come? Has his mask fallen? Will Alparslan kill Emir Bozan and bring an end to Karmatianism? Unaware that Karaca and Akınay are watching them, Akça and Alpagut speak without realizing they are being observed. Will they be able to escape from this situation without Alpagut being exposed and without falling victim to Karaca's accusations? Will Akınay finally see his son Alpagut? Can Karaca prove to Akınay that Akça collaborated with a Byzantine?

Taking advantage of the vulnerability at the headquarters, Diogenes had besieged Yınal and his soldiers. What will Diogenes do to capture the headquarters? Can Yınal send a message to Seljuks for help? Will he be able to maintain his soldiers' resilience against impatience and defend the headquarters? When Kekavmenos and Dukas learn about Diogenes' siege on the headquarters, what will they say to Diogenes?

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