Episode 13

When Akça went to Vaspurakan to kill Kekavmenos at any cost, she captured him as she witnessed Alparslan being captured by Alpagut. What will Akça do now? Does she have a new plan in mind, or will she kill Kekavmenos? How will Alparslan escape from the clutches of Alpagut? How will Kekavmenos respond to this unexpected move of being taken captive by Akça?

Diogenes, the new governor of Vaspurakan, devises a new plan to make his name known to the emperor and prove that he deserves the governorship more than anyone else. With these steps taken, the Seljuks are entering a challenging period.

Bozan, cornered due to Meymun being recognized as the Natık and captured by the Byzantines, is faced with a difficult situation. Will he save Meymun or leave him to die to avoid exposure? Will Bozan find a way to escape this time?

In the face of Byzantine attacks and Karmatian raids, what will be Alparslan's new plan?

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