Rüya (Rüya)

  • 9.7
  • Drama
  • 2018
  • Views: 85

Cemal San is sitting in the director's chair while the young girl (Hazal Filiz Küçükköse) who is experiencing financial difficulties and the rich man (Ceyhun Mengiroglu) love story is told the screenplay of the series is the Kaktus Yazi Grubu. Elif, who wants to be an artist, meets with the textile custodian, Bulut, and falls in love. However, there are many obstacles in front of this love, especially Elif's family.

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Top Casts

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Özge Özder
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Ceyhun Mengiroğlu
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Hazal Filiz Küçükköse
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Ulaş Tuna Astepe
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Atilla Saral
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Devrim Özkan
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Funda Bostanlık
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Buse Varol
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Emir Çubukçu
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Belgin Erdoğan





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