Kan Cicekleri (Vendetta)

  • 9.7
  • Drama
  • 2022
  • Views: 1351

The narrative of Dilan, whose aspirations and hopes were dashed on the one hand, and Baran, who had to marry to stop the feud and save her brother from this cycle on the other. This marriage, however, is a prison for the two of them, and his uncle, who is jealous of his wealth, wishes to renew the rivalry. This conflicted relationship will cause strong winds to blow between two hearts; will this marriage become a true marriage?

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Selinay Taşol
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Ekrem Aral Tuna
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Dilek Güler
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Nuray Serefoglu
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Hasan Balliktas
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Hilal Kuvvet
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Serhat Duran




Charlene Jacobs

It's is my first time watching this movie and I'm so intrigued and excited about this movie,so far I love it,shame, Dila is really treated very bad


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