Grapes of Love (Kader Bağları) Season 1 Episode 3 S01E03

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  • 9.7
  • Action
  • 2021
  • 1 h 42 min
  • 16+

The Sipahioğlu family is shocked to learn that Sevda is the woman Kerem is in love with. While Kerem fights hard for Sevda and looks for ways to win her back, will Sevda, who is stuck in the mansion and wants to leave, be able to control her heart? While Rana, who is on the verge of losing Kerem, shows her teeth against Nüzhet for the first time, the fear of revealing the secrets that will turn her life upside down makes Nüzhet make a big mistake. This mistake leads Nüzhet and the Sipahioğulları family down a path of no return.

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