Stepmother (Üvey Anne) Season 1 Episode 7 S01E07

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  • 9.7
  • Action
  • 2021
  • 1 h 42 min
  • 16+

After the video of Serap and Faruk kissing on the night of the launch is broadcast, Faruk ends up at Serap's house. However, he had to leave when he received the news that the company was on fire. Nisan and Cem are also there when Faruk asks Serap to account. Even though no one knows it, learning that the woman he had just loved was so close to Faruk, the man who had educated him and made him a professional, the man he loved and respected so much, caused deep wounds in Cem's soul. On the other hand, everyone at home, especially Nisan, is waiting for an explanation from her father. With the publication of the incident, the Gencer family became a hot topic in the media. Faruk's close friend Kudret will be the one to drive the press members away from the doorstep. Kudret, who has been living abroad for a long time, will not only help his friend to catch those who set the company on fire, but will also go after Serap who has disappeared.

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