Her Fall Doesn't Cry (Kendi Düşen Ağlamaz) Season 1 Episode 3 S01E03

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  • 9.7
  • Action
  • 2021
  • 1 h 42 min
  • 16+

When Alize's marriage, which she has kept a secret from her friends, is about to be revealed, she unexpectedly gets out of the situation. With Serkan's surprise support, Alize is off the hook for now. But with each passing day, this secret becomes more difficult to keep. On the other hand, Serap starts to learn one by one what Alize has done to Serkan and decides not to let it go. She knows that her brother has been fired because of Alize, but if she also learns that he is a dishwasher... Then no one will be able to protect Alize from Serap's wrath. That's why Serap must never find out that Serkan is a dishwasher. But no one can predict the moves Serap has made and will make one after the other. As Alize and Serkan try to close one secret, another opens up. Both of them have to play an organized game. Just when they think they have avoided this trouble, an accident happens... Alize really needs Serkan this time.

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