The Tropical (Dönence) Season 1 Episode 14 S01E14

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  • 9.7
  • Action
  • 2021
  • 1 h 42 min
  • 16+

Time passes very fast for Rüzgar and Berkay, who are trapped in the fire set by Selman, and Miro, who sees what is happening from afar, is the first to rush to their aid. Hearing about the incident, Özgür is ready to do anything to save his brother for fear of losing his brother as he lost his family, but will Rüzgar survive the fire? Meanwhile, Verda realizes the reasons behind Cem's suspicion of Harun. With Harun cornered, Cem and Özgür set out to catch him. As the truth comes out sooner or later, will Harun finally be caught? A new chapter begins for the Olgun family and Özgür captain, who realize that what matters in this life is to stand together with love. Will everyone be able to find their own Karataş and enter Dönence one day?

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